Fabienne Magnant, chitarra

Monte Porzio Catone (Rm)

Oratorio Confraternita S. Antonino Martire

4:30 PM

16.30 in poi - Fabienne Magnant, chitarra

Prenotazione obbligatoria al 339.27.48.814

16.20 – Visita guidata del centro storico di Monte Porzio
(Dott.ssa Giuliana Brega)
appuntamento presso Piazza Borghese


18.30 – Concerto presso l’Oratorio della Confraternita



Prélude 1 de Villa Lobos
Asturias Albeniz
Clin d’Oeil Fabienne Magnant
Tamborinho Fabienne Magnant
Sambalanço Jair Da Paula


Viola Caïpira
Variation sur Asa Branca
Temps Mort Fabienne Magnant
Fragrancia de Recife
Metamorfosa Fabienne Magnant
Canto de Ossanha Baden Powell


Ibérique Fabienne Magnant
Baião sem nome Fabienne Magnant
Spatter the dew Irish jig

FABIENNE MAGNANT, chitarra e viola caïpira


20.00 – Cena in Tinello

Antipasto all’italiana
Mezze maniche all’amatriciana
Patate al forno
Contorno di stagione
Acqua, vino bianco e rosso
Caffè e ciambelline

Quota partecipativa 30€


Fabienne MAGNANT is a guitarist, performer and composer.
She has studied classical guitar since childhood. (notably with Jean Pierre Charbonnel, Olivier Chassain and Roland Dyens, both professors at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris
– At 24, her conservatory prizes in her pocket, she left for Brazil.
– She meets musicians from all walks of life and plays with the great Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell. Since this trip, she has devoted herself to musical creation.
– In 1999, with the support of Sacem, she returned to Brazil, particularly in the Nordeste, to be inspired by the creation of her album “Le sens des sens”, played in concert at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro from where she will bring back her viola caïpira from luthier Do Souto. (Brazilian metal 10-string guitar, favorite instrument for his compositions).
– In 2004, this guitarist with a very curious spirit went to Andalusia to explore the world of flamenco guitar, music that she has never ceased to rub shoulders with ever since.
– Author of four compact discs, Fabienne signs a co-production contract with the world music label Buda Musique. (“The Sense of the Sense” 2003 and “La Trinidad” 2011).
His albums are always warmly welcomed by the press. (Classical Guitar, Hot Jazz, Télérama, etc.)? For 2 consecutive years, 2018 and 2019 she is ranked in the top 10 of the greatest musicians of Brazilian tradition (Caïpira) in a famous Sao Paulo music newspaper “sertaopaulistano”- His compositions have been published since 2009 by “Les Productions d’Oz” (international distribution of several opuses), and since November 2014 by the audiovisual publisher “Music Box Publishing”.
– Fabienne Magnant plays on different guitars according to the repertoires she interprets or composes: classical guitar, flamenco, electro acoustic and the viola caïpira She performs in France, and abroad (Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, on regular tours in Brazil. She plays as a soloist or sometimes in duo, notably with Paul Mindy (Brazilian percussion), François Kokelaere (African and Brazilian percussion) as well as Pierre Dutrieu (bass clarinet, Electric wind instrument) in explorations of minimalist electronic music .
– Fabienne Magnant is Professor of Art Education (PEA) holder in classical and traditional guitar of the world at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de Grand Paris Sud.


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Oratorio Confraternita S. Antonino Martire Via Cesare Battisti, 1
Monte Porzio Catone (Rm)